Helping Mom Business Owners to Overcome

Challenges and Transform Their Life and Business

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We have interviewed our expert speakers to give you a preview of the speakers themselves, how they got started in their business and what they will be teaching us in the summit.

Uma Alexandra Beepat

The Mindful Entrepreneur- Employing Spiritual Practices for Success

Julia Busby

Redesign your Business Life Using Mindfulness and Gratitude

Tammi Brochman

Using Mindfulness to Take your Mind Off What’s for Dinner and put back on Your Business

Teresa Lodato

Gifts of Increasing Emotional Intelligence

Deise Clements

Why You’re Not Taking Action You Want to Take

(+ How to Make it Happen)

Sherry Hemstreet

Manifesting Anything You Want with Ease

Mary Allison Brown

Overcoming Fear and Self-Sabotage

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Sam Gioia, Dubsado

Trust the Process: Streamlining Your Business with Dubsado

Katie Fleming

Create Your 6 Figure to Do List – From Hurried Hustle to Strategic Flow in Your Marketing

Stephanie Xenos

Invest in Yourself : Claim Your Financial Independence and Build True Wealth

Caitlynn Eldridge

Tax Pitfalls to Avoid for New and Established Businesses

Rachael Lenzmeier Jencks

Goal Setting for Business and Financial Growth

Katie Hornor

The Blueprint of a Successful Online Course

Allison Nelson

Using Trello to Create Systems in Your Business and Life

Jennifer Webber

Trademarks and Copyrights. What They Are and Why Protecting Them Is Important for Entrepreneurs.

Elizabeth Dall

Finding Time and Motivation for Fitness as a Busy Business Mom

Teia Jones

Teaching Families How to Support Your Business

Jodi Fried

Reclaim Adventure in Your Mom Life (Without the Overwhelm)

Dr. Lynyetta Willis

How to Stop Living in Stable Misery and Transform Your Business

Cami Brecto

Painting as a Creative Outlet for Productivity and Your Mental/Emotional Health!

Erin Grujic

Movement Breaks to Supercharge Your Productivity, Creativity and Mood.

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Abby Beauchamp

Understanding How Your Vegus Nerve Is Holding You Back From Your Maximum Revenue Potential

Laneic Lavalle

Writing Sales Pages That Drive Sales and Conversions

Christi Cooper

Design That Sells: Boost Your Sales Page Conversions

Ashley DeLuca

Growing & Converting Your Small Email List

Amber Brooks

Brand Foundations: How to Finally Feel Confident and Gain Momentum in Your Messaging and Marketing

Angie Whitten

How to Take Amazing Pictures for Your Business

Sharon Henderson

How to Set up and integrate a Kick-Ass CRM System into a High-Converting WordPress Website for Free!

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Travis Kearin, Review Revolution

Jessica Haines

Why Having a Powerful Personal Brand Can Make a Difference for Your Business

Deborah Ager

How to Write Social Posts for LinkedIn to Attract Clients You Want to Work With

Chantelle Turner

How to Leverage Your Own Facebook Group for Gain Raving Fans and Sales (In Less Than 15 Minutes a Day)

Lauren Wrighton

How to Start and a Grow a Podcast That Makes an Impact on Your Audience and Business’ Bottomline

Karrie Chariton

Why You Should Be Using Pinterest for Your Business

Amanda Tento

How to Finally Conquer Your Social Media and Marketing Tech

Anita Morin

Why YouTube Is the Platform for Your Business

Meg Brunson

The One Facebook Ad Every Business Should Be Running! [Focus on Lead Ads]

Raewyn Sangari

How to Achieve Authentic Instagram Growth

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